Monday, 6 May 2013

"Our children is born in our spirit, so you can't teach them, you can only
enlighten can't really tell them anything because them done come from
a place there them learn truth already."
Bob Marley

The most relaxed and sun-filled family session with Sarah, Jason and baby Marley....

 photo MarleyBlog3_zpsb74044ca.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog5_zps9d82a0c4.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog7_zps17f5075b.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog8_zps05497db9.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog2_zps7d7a7502.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog1_zps31e9b6a3.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog4_zps4608ac79.jpg
 photo MarleyBlog6_zps924eaf3f.jpg


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