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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Earlier this year my Great Aunt passed away and I inherited 5 incredible vintage cameras. I love shooting with film and receiving these carefully kept models has meant that I've been experimenting more and more. It's so unfortunate that Polaroid have stopped making film and that the remaining cartridges just cost so much now. At the start of the year I bought 2 Polaroid 600 films for around £25.00 and now a single film will sell for up to £38.00. Of course there is a new alternative to Polaroid but it's difficult to use and just doesn't produce the same tones and feel.

Here's some Polaroids I took at a recent bridal fashion shoot:

These lovely images were taken at the same shoot with 120 film. They have a softness and luminescence that I can't quite seem to re-create on my digital camera. If only the developing costs weren't quite so expensive!


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