Francis Firebrace

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

This portrait of Francis Firebrace is the first in a new series I am exploring on the art of storytelling. It's an art that I've long been fascinated with and I'm always drawn to people who can tell a good story (perhaps because I'm so bad at it). A great story can inspire, be thought-provoking or teach a lesson - for me, the most significant ones usually have a moral element at their core.

I've become more interested in storytelling since I gave birth to my son Zeus. He loves books (as I did) and I am learning how to tell him stories in an engaging way that sometimes feels alien to me. Right now I'm sticking to books but I hope I'll have the imagination to tell him grand, epic fables full of characters dreamed up in my thoughts.

Each portrait for this will be accompanied by an audio clip of the subject telling a story. Francis is an aboriginal storyteller who travels the world relaying the tales of his father's people. He captured my attention some time ago and we have been in contact ever since. You can read more about him here.

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